How To Be A Better Boss: 6 Highly Practical Tips

how to be a better bossWe all have to start wearing the hat of a boss at some point of time in our careers. All the more, if you are an entrepreneur.

Most people who have never been a boss yet might consider it an easy task – “You can get things done on command and you have the reports flowing in at the end of the day. What can be so hard in that?” – is the question they ask.
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This Is Groundbreaking Stuff From Couple Of Young Entrepreneurs

The Problem

Did you know that less than 5% of small businesses in India have a computer? And less than 10% of Indian households have a computer. This situation is nowhere near “Opportunity for all”.

Development without including the vast majority in the run ain’t going to give the desired results. Low income families, small businesses, NGOs, and schools need access to cheaper computers to get to the next level. To call its development inclusive, India needs 600 million affordable computers over the next decade!

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BuySellAds – The Online Advertising Marketplace That You Can’t Ignore

online advertising buyselladsMost small businesses do not think beyond Google ads or Facebook ads when it comes to online advertising. Though there is no denying the effectiveness of the marketing tools provided by these two, it doesn’t hurt to look for other options. And yes, like everything on the internet, there is always another option, another way to do it and if done correctly, the alternate ways can prove to be even better and more effective than the popular ones.

Heard of If not, it’s time to. Because it is one fast growing marketplace for many different sorts of online advertising. [click to continue..]

Planning To Under-Promise And Over-Deliver? Read This First!

underpromise and overdeliverTime and again, we get this advice from our friends in business: Under-promise and over-deliver. Though most of them give out this advice with good intentions, it can come as a dangerous advice to follow.

Why? What is wrong with the advice to over-deliver to your customers? Nothing! Absolutely nothing. Actually, I am someone who consider that as the only customer service philosophy to follow. We’ll get to that later. The problem with the above advice is the notion of under-promising. [click to continue..]

Are You Making This Mistake And Scaring Away Your Customers?

business mistakeWe all make this mistake sometimes. We are so in a business mood that we try to make a business deal out of every interaction that ever comes our way. This can be especially true if you have a physical store and every person who walk in through the door is a potential customer.

In this age, where we all have our social media accounts and we all make new connections online, this behavior can actually do us bad. Here is how: [click to read more]

How To Create An FAQ Page That Sells!

how to create an faq pageMore often than not, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages that I see on websites exist just for the sake of having an FAQ page. They are filled with questions like “Will this really suit my purpose?” and almost always positive answers like “Our products definitely suits everyone because it has x, y and z functions.” etc. Then comes questions like “How much do you charge for delivery?” with pretty obvious answers that the reader would already know from the sales page.

Most of them just reiterate what has already been mentioned on the sales page, and other pages on the website. I have always felt that rather than wasting a page on repeated information, the FAQ page can be used as a powerful selling tool, that can really get your customers shed their final fears and take their wallets out. [click to read more]

How Striving For Perfection Can Make Your Business Fail

striving for perfectionDo you see yourself striving for perfection in each of your endeavors, be it large or small? Are you waiting for that perfect mic to start your own business podcast? Do you want to edit that brochure in the making again and again till you feel it’s good enough to be sent to your potential customers? Do you keep redesigning your website, but never feel that it is ready to be launched? [click to continue..]

Knowing Your Customer Like Family!

knowing your customerMarket research is something we all do. Doing business without market research is the worst mistake anyone can make. I’m not implying that you should stick to what the research report says religiously. Many businesses have succeeded in spite of going against a market research report. Stick with it or not, you should do it!

Instead of considering it as “knowing your market”, I like to consider market research as knowing your customer. I believe that businesses should exist to help people. Most of the successful businesses solve a problem. And how do you know what the problem is? By getting to know your target customers.

That said, how well should you know your customer? [click to continue..]

Inside The Mind Of The Man Who Wore A Sanitary Napkin, And Went On To Change The World

Arunachalam Muruganantham Napkin RevolutionA few weeks back I did an interview with Arunachalam Muruganantham, the man behind the “sanitary napkin revolution”. Just like many of you, I had seen his talk on TED (If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it below) and was surprised by the down to earth and straight from the heart manner in which he talked about his movement.

That’s why I was all the more excited when I landed an opportunity to interview him. And as you are about to read, the interview opened up a whole new view of the world for me, a view through the eyes of someone whose feet are deeply rooted in the soil of his land, but whose vision is far wider and greater than most of us have ever cared to look.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole 45 minutes of the interview and trust me, I had a smile on my face the whole time.
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